The Assystem Group creates Assystem Care – a dedicated life sciences subsidiary

The Assystem Group creates Assystem Care – a dedicated life sciences subsidiary

Following on from its acquisition in late 2017 of a majority stake in The Biotech Quality Group (BQG), Assystem, a major international player in engineering and innovation consulting, has created Assystem Care, a new subsidiary specialised in the life sciences sector.

Assystem Care brings together Assystem life sciences activities carried out by Assystem prior to its acquisition of BQG and BQG’s life sciences business.

The underlying purpose of the new entity is to propose an integrated offering that encompasses transformation management, performance enhancement and reducing time to market. Assystem Care is Europe’s first ever one-stop shop for the various industrial processes involved in life sciences, from the initial strategy phase and the development of medication or therapeutic solutions concerned right up to commissioning manufacturing units or production lines. This unique holistic approach will help the life sciences industry break free from the silo mentalities that have affected it until now, resulting in faster time to market.

Assystem Care will deliver this offering by combining its compliance and performance expertise with its engineering and project management skills and cross-business vision of systems engineering.

Assystem Care has a team of 400 life sciences experts and can also draw on the expertise of Assystem’s 400 employees specialised in digital technologies and systems integration as well as Assystem’s 800 project management and systems engineering specialists.“We are extremely proud and delighted to officially announce the creation of Assystem Care. The formation of this new subsidiary is fully in line with the objective that we announced when we acquired BQG – namely to become a European leader in commissioning, certification, validation and regulatory compliance in Europe’s pharmaceutical and biotech industries” said Thomas Branche, Senior Vice President of Assystem E&I and Chairman of Assystem Care.

“The creation of Assystem Care demonstrates our strong desire to leverage all of our synergies in order to bring to the market a unique service offering, with integrated solutions throughout the drug life-cycle. Our ambitious goals are underpinned by our complementary expertise and our shared culture of managing projects in highly regulated industrial environments” added Fabrice Dekoninck, CEO of Assystem Care (formerly CEO of BQG).