How was thıs partnershıp born?

How was this partnership born?

Envy was founded in 1999, by a group of professors from METU.  The engineering and consultancy company has offered services mainly in site and environmental engineering, primarily in the energy and transportation sectors. In 2016, Envy and Assystem decided to team up to transform the company into a new strong Turkish engineering company offering a broader scope and capabilities. For Assystem, creating this new entity, was the opportunity to broaden its footprint in Turkey as well as to work with new local and international clients in this country. For Envy, the acquisition was a way to broaden its scope of capabilities as well as developing its international footprint.

About Envy

Envy is a Turkish engineering company founded in 1999 and partnered up with Assystem in 2016 by transfer of 51% of its shares. It offers engineering and environmental services, especially site engineering, complex project management and critical systems integration, primarily in the energy and transportation sectors. Envy employs 160 people and generated USD 13 million in 2015.

About Assystem

Assystem is an international group specialized in engineering and is listed on Euronext Paris. As a key participant in the industry for 50 years, Assystem supports its clients in developing their products and managing their capital expenditure throughout the product life cycle. Assystem employs some 12,200 people worldwide and generated €908 million in revenue in 2015.