Environmental Planning

ENVY provides an integrated environmental planning services to facilitate its Clients and/or decision makers by analyzing all environmental issues.Environmental planning experts of ENVY collaborate with Clients to ensure that all the impacts and environmental risks are determined duly in association with their proposals so as to realize their goals in compliance with the local and international environmental protection laws and regulations.


Environmental Due Diligence Studies

Air Quality Dispersion &

The modelling studies are being implemented to simulate the dispersion of the dust and gas emissions emitted from different sources into environment. The studies are performed by using AERMOD software, supported by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is acceptable on national and international scale and presented on the dispersion maps for proper evaluation.

Environmental Permits
and Licenses

ENVY has been preparing “Authority Approval Manuals” to define the requirements of the Turkish legislation and State Authorities for regulatory approvals as they may come up during the course of projects. These manuals provide a useful guidance in facilitating the smooth functioning of projects.

Solid Waste Landfill

ENVY provides the following services for solid waste landfill projects

  • Feasibility studies and preparation of preliminary project reports
  • Site selection studies
  • Mapping, geological and geotechnical studies
  • Determination of methods for leakage and gas accumulation

  • Evaluation of technology alternatives
  • Preparation of management plans
  • Preparation of application projects
  • Preparation of bidding documents
  • Preparation of monitoring reports