The Pedestrian Road Between Two Continents

The drilling works for the two kilometer long “İstanbul Bosphorus Boulvard” between Üsküdar-Kabataş, where bicycles and pedestrians will travel across and which will be the sixth connection of the two shores of İSTANBUL, have been initiated.

The project was one of the İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş’s vows during his latest administrative campaign period. The tender for drilling works made by BİMTAŞ, one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)  companies,  under the name of “The Service Procurement Work for Performing the Offshore and Onshore Drillings for Kabataş-Üskudar Bosphorus Crossing Pedestrian Tunnel”, was won by Envy Energy and Environmental Investments Inc. which has its central office located in Ankara, for seven million five hundred thousand Turkish Liras (7,500,000 TL).

All of the group “A” shares were acquired by the French company, Assystem SA in June 2016. The majority of the group “B” shares are owned by Osman Selçuk Yahşi. The double deck pedestrian tunnel passing 20 meters below the sea, planned by Kadir Topbaş to be realized by 2019, when the third period of his mayorship ends, will have its top floor for use by pedestrians and cyclists, while the bottom floor will have wheeled electric vehicles for transporting passengers.